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"Since we were out of the state during our marketing and sale process, we relied heavily on “Cindy K”. She was great and kept us informed all through the process. Closing went very smoothly." - George, February 2019

“Closing went very smoothly”

"Dawn {Beasley}, thank you so very much for your excellent and highly professional negotiations on our behalf. We were most confident that you were totally in control of the situation. If there had been any other person representing us we would have never considered purchasing a home unseen. As real estate professionals ourselves, we tend to examine all of the details extremely closely and were happy that you did exactly the same. We look forward to arriving in Fairhope and starting a new adventure in our long lives."

“You were totally in control of the situation”

"We so appreciate everything Kristen {Meador} did to help us into our next home!" - Lamar & Elsie, February 2019

“We so appreciate everything Kristen did”

"You can thoroughly trust Louise {Johnson} to be completely honest." - Burt, February 2019

“You can thoroughly trust Louise”

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