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"They are very knowledgable and completely trustworthy, as well as terrific people! The use of a 'love letter' and a video were crucial and their estimate of final sale price was right on the button! We would give the Malone Team an absolutely unqualified recommendation to anyone!" - Samford & Carol, December 2018

“They are very knowledgable and completely trustworthy”

We had a wonderful buying experience (with Lawanna Sharpless). We greatly appreciate all of her hard work! - Doug & Tammy, December 2018

Greatly appreciate all of her hard work!

"Kate [Irvine] was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, and patient from the beginning. We were looking for something very specific and she quickly guided us to what was on the market that came closest to that ideal. That helped us know she was the one to help us find our home. Kate's knowledge of the REALTOR® landscape and her well regarded place in the community helped us tremendously in communicating our wishes to the seller. She pays attention and was a valuable member to have on 'our side' during negotiations." - Elizabeth, December 2018

“She pays attention and was a valuable member”

"Cathy Morton is such an asset to your team. I have never dealt with a broker who had more knowledge and cared so much about the sale of my property. Cathy went over and beyond to ensure things were done in a timely fashion and accurately. Cathy's enthusiasm and caring towards her customer's is outstanding. I would and will recommend Cathy to any of my friend and family. Cathy holds all the above attributes, as she is a very hard worker and gets the job done. She is so professional and does what it takes to make things happen. I love the fact too that she had boxes and packing paper and wrap available. That was a life saver, as well. We sold the condo in 3 days. I did not want two notes and we were fortunate enough to see it within 3 days of putting it up for sale. Cathy does a superb job! I could not be happier." - Corrine, November 2018

“Cathy went over and beyond to ensure things were done”

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