Agent Awards

Our mission at Bellator is to build and embrace a core group of career driven real estate professionals who desire a competitive, goal oriented environment where they can compete and be rewarded for their positive attitudes and performance. Our agents should always be striving to achieve the highest level of success by setting realistic personal, professional and charitable goals, establishing plans to achieve these goals and working tirelessly to accomplish them.

It is with great pride that we recognize those agents who share the common values of the company and work tirelessly for the success, not only of themselves, but of their peers and the company itself.

Bellator awards agents in five areas of performance.

  • Sales Volume Awards

    Selected by the Bellator leadership and awarded to top sales agents based on their annual closed sale volume. Agents who receive sales volume awards are the pace setters for the company, the agents who have set challenging sales goals for themselves and worked each day to achieve them.

  • Bulldog Award

    Selected by the Bellator leadership and awarded monthly to that agent who is doing “all the right things” to achieve their personal, professional and community/charitable goals. These agents are the ones who demonstrate that they believe that hard work and perseverance will always reap reward in the future and that all goals are achieved through consistent small steps every single day.

  • Kool-Aid Award

    The recipient of this award is selected monthly by the Bellator marketing department. Derived from Bellator’s desire to see team members jump on board with excitement to represent the company name, the Kool-Aid Award is given to the agent who in the last month has truly excelled at promoting his or her business and the Bellator brand. The Kool-Aid Award winner demonstrates enthusiasm for reaching out to the public and generating business and has used creativity and motivation in marketing.

  • Dana M. Carter Above & Beyond Award 

    The Dana M. Carter Above & Beyond Award was created in 2013 to honor and remember one of Bellator’s brightest smiles, former Business Development Manager Dana Carter. Dana passed away in October 2013, and th company honors her memory by presenting this award to a full-time staff member who has displayed the most selfless, giving attitude throughout the year. Just as Dana tirelessly went above and beyond for the benefit of others with an unfailing smile and a servan’ts heart. This award serves to to recognize the individual who carries on her loving spirit.

  • Captain Eric A. Jones Award

    Selected by the Bellator sales team and awarded to that agent who embodies all the values that bond the Bellator team together. This annual award of distinction is held as Bellator’s highest honor. Named for US Marine Corp Captain Eric A. Jones who gave his life to his country while serving in Afghanistan, this award takes into consideration all the traits and characteristics of a genuine team leader and selfless role model.

The Captain Eric A. Jones Award for Excellence


This award is given annually to the Bellator Agent who in the eyes of his or her peers demonstrates a tireless pursuit for excellence in every endeavor, with a selfless attitude, and an overall zest for their profession. The winner of this award is the agent who has best demonstrated to their peers the core values of Bellator Real Estate & Development, in all aspects of their life and profession. These core values serve as the foundation for everything Bellator agents stand for.

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