“Definitely not the ‘sell it and forget it’ type realtor”

Mike Hamm is definitely not the “sell it and forget it” type realtor that I
have encountered in the past.

He guided us through the entire process with patience, and a
wealth of knowledge and advice; as first-time buyers in the USA
he explained everything in detail and was always available to
answer our questions.

Negotiations with the seller’s realtor went very smoothly and we
were very happy with the final offer and terms of closing.
After closing, Mike kept in touch with us to make sure pre
contract repairs were progressing and everything was getting
resolved to our satisfaction; even when things went wrong that a
realtor couldn’t possibly have any control over (leaking fridges
and dishwashers) Mike was on hand to provide advice and

His friendly nature and calm response to things we considered
potentially disastrous gave us great peace of mind throughout
the entire process from first viewing, to moving in, and finally
finding time to sit in my new home-office to write this testimonial.
We would strongly recommend Mike Hamm to anyone who is
looking for an honest, friendly, knowledgeable realtor.

– Ian, April 2018

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