2015 Market Recap

18 Mar 2016 · Bellator Blogger

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.” – Geena Davis


With the passing of each year it is always wise to spend time reflecting on the lessons learned before placing your bets on the future. Moving into 2015, we were full of optimism for our market, and thank goodness it didn’t disappoint. Nationally, things continued to improve in almost every asset class related to real estate despite the cooling of some of the major markets that were among the first to rebound. Fortunately, the Coastal Alabama market got just what it needed, which was another year of solid growth. Depending on the property type and location, some assets have seen prices climb back to prerecession levels, but for many properties the reality is they will likely never attain those type valuations again.

To echo our sentiments from years past, we feel 2016 will be the best we have seen in almost a decade. Despite the uncertainty from a macro perspective, the volatility in equities and the looming elections, we believe the momentum in our market is simply too strong to be overshadowed by outside factors. In a day and age when people can truly live anywhere they want due to being able to work remotely and travel when needed, we are seeing more and more people choose to call South Alabama home. The quality of life our area offers versus the cost of living rivals anywhere in the country.

To a greater extent than ever before people are discovering what we have to offer whether it be through vacations at the beach, new job opportunities being created by major employers or purely word of mouth. Impressive things are beginning to happen, and it is just the start. There will always be risk associated with trying to go further than you have gone before, but we are willing to bet on our future and that the coming years will see our region begin fulfilling its immense potential

Bellator Update

Bellator was extremely fortunate to have yet another record year in 2015. In addition to far surpassing our lofty goals, we were able to lead the market in closed transaction volume for the first time since our inception in 2008. While it is always rewarding to see our hard work paying off on the production side, the real blessing of the past year came in the form of all the new sales associates and team members that joined the Bellator family. It is a special thing when you get to be excited to go to work every day because you are surrounded by awesome people.

We ended the year with $373,778,455 in volume, which was a 66.29% increase over our previous high of $224,769,019 attained in 2014. As a company, we enlarged our platoon of agents by 32.14%, enhancing our number of sales associates from 112 to 148 by year end. With the opening of our Fairhope and Midtown offices, Bellator now has nine locations across Mobile and Baldwin Counties in which to serve clients.

The only thing better than beating your personal best is doing it again. With that said we have pegged our volume goal for 2016 at $470,600,000. If we ride the already existing strength of our market, the talents of our team members and focus on our three core values of faith, effort and gratitude, we will undoubtedly get there.

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