Community Spotlight: Reindeer Run 2015

29 Dec 2015 · Bellator Blogger












The second annual Reindeer Run was held in Satsuma earlier this month on Saturday, December 5th. Runners of all ages came out to support this new annual event in the city. The run takes place the first Saturday of December at Baldwin Square, and this year there was a total of 88 participants who raised $922.00. This is a major increase from the first race in 2014 that had 46 racers who raised $432.00.


The race is held by the Satsuma Community Development Organization (SCDO) in order to raise money for community projects such as improving city parks, conducting citizen awards and giving back to Satsuma residents. Bellator agent, James Henderson, is a primary sponsor of the race and also was the first president of the SCDO. He now helps this organization prepare for the race and gather sponsorships from local businesses.


“This was the first one I ever organize and therefore was really caught off guard at how big of a potential it has in itself,” said James when asked about the growth of the event. “Now we realize that this has the potential to not only be a great fund raiser but also a really great event in the race itself. People have really taken this as a great event in the community and throughout the area. Now we really feel that we can see several hundred runners taking part over the next couple of years.”