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Located on the shores of Mobile Bay, along sloping plateaus and cliffs, is the beautiful town of Fairhope, Alabama. Fairhope was founded back in 1894 as a utopian single tax colony. Originally started by 28 followers of economist Henry George, the founder of Des Moines, as a type of utopian colony, on the principles of equality of opportunity, the absence of private monopolies, to reward the efforts of individuals, and to come together to benefit as a community.

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The original founders joined together, and purchased a large tract of land located on Mobile Bay’s eastern shore, and divided the property amongst the group. Each family in the group then received a long-term lease on the land. They came together, and taxed themselves, and created their own working government. The Single-Tax Corporation is still around today and has grown to about 1800 leaseholders and now covers over 4000 acres of land.

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One of the biggest attractions in Fairhope is Jubilee. For over 50 years now, the shores of Mobile Bay have experienced the phenomenon, were all sorts of aquatic life enter shallow water. Some commonly caught and seen marine life include crabs, eels, stingrays, and all sorts of fish. During Jubilee, hundreds of people fish from shore and catch all types of sea life.

Fairhope is a popular fishing town and winter spot. It has also attracted influential individuals, including Sherwood Anderson, Upton Sinclair, and Carl Zigrosser.

Restaurants in Fairhope AL

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Fairhope AL Attractions

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