Fallen Heroes Memorial Dedication set for September 11, 2015

10 Apr 2015 · Bellator Blogger

Since 2007, our very own Nathan Cox, CEO of Bellator Real Estate & Development, has been planning the design and implementation of the Fallen Heroes Memorial, to be dedicated at the USS Alabama Battleship Park on September 11, 2015.

After having served in our Marine Corps and facing numerous losses of friends, Cox knew the War on Terror Memorial was the route to take in order to honor those who have lost their lives. He explained, “[It’s] truly something you never forget. That sums up what service is all about, especially serving in a combat zone.” The memorial will be designed to honor all of Memorial Day Cemetery those who sacrificed their lives in the War on Terror, with one section giving recognition for those specifically with strong ties to Alabama.

The memorial will stand eight feet tall and will be surrounded by six relief plates, with the front plate honoring those with connections to Alabama. The remaining five plates will include a man or woman in dress uniform of each branch of the service. Additionally, there will be two slabs representing the two World Trade Towers, with one detailing September 11th and the other about the War on Terror.

While close to $250,000 has already been raised to put towards this memorial project, Cox estimates that it could reach around $500,000. April 30th will be the 5th Annual Fallen Heroes Memorial Children’s and Women’s Hospital Golf Tournament at TimberCreek Golf Club, to further support fundraising efforts. For those wishing to make a donation or learn more about the Golf Tournament contact Cox at ncox@battleplancapital.com.