Gallup poll: Americans favor real estate for long-term investment

23 Apr 2014 · Bellator Blogger

111 Americans are recently favoring real estate investments over other long-term options such as gold, savings accounts and CDs.

A recent Gallup Economy article by Rebecca Rifkin sheds positive light on the housing market, stating that more Americans are now investing in real estate as the most sensible long-term investment opportunity. Following the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis and the steep drop in home prices, gold quickly became a popular investment choice. However, gold prices decreased shortly thereafter and Americans looked toward stocks and bonds.

Rifkin comments on the implications of the recent poll, stating that faith in the real estate market is often tied to homeownership. As more Americans become homeowners, the popularity of real estate investments is likely to grow.

For more information on the recent Gallup poll results, read the full article here.